The Importance of Early Detection of Breast Cancer for Young Women

The Importance of Early Detection of Breast Cancer for Young Women

Breast cancer can affect anyone, even young women with low risk factors. By doing early detection such as Sadari (Self-Check) and mammography examination, breast cancer can be prevented from becoming severe. Dr Martha Roida Manurung from Cancer Early Detection Polyclinic at Dharmais Cancer Hospital, this year’s breast cancer is ranked one of the most diseases much suffered in the world. Breast cancer is also not attached to women of old age, and currently even be able to attack women when he was young

Many risk factors that affect the presence of breast cancer. And breast cancer can strike despite the young age, usually due to unhealthy lifestyles, stress, or family health history, "" said Dr. Martha told reporters on Friday (2/2/2018).

The World Cancer Foundation (YKPI) in cooperation with the Ngobras Forum held a free mammography examination for media and family colleagues. This examination is located at the residence of YKPI chairman, Linda Agum Gumelar at Jalan Panglima Polim 3 No.146, South Jakarta.Linda hope the Indonesian people are more aware to make early detection of breast cancer. He mentioned that 70 percent of people who do early detection was already suffering from advanced breast cancer

Even WHO estimates will occur in the explosion of breast cancer in developing countries in 2030, "" he said. For this mammography examination, participants will be examined physically first to look for any abnormalities or lumps in the breast. Then the participants will be planted to know the history of the disease and talk about lifestyle.Selanjutnya, participants will be taken to the bus belongs to YKPI specifically for examination mammography. A mammography test is a test that scans the breast using radiation to see if there is a tumor in the breast

The percentage of breast cancer healing varies depending on the stage of the cancer. Therefore early detection to prevent breast cancer to develop into a more advanced stage, "" dr. Martha. Also read: Symptoms of Breast Cancer In addition to lumps that must be wary

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