“The Risk of Heart Disease Surveying Survivor Breast Cancer


"The Risk of Heart Disease Surveying Survivor Breast Cancer

Breast cancer treatment with current technology increases the life expectancy of cancer patients significantly. But experts warned of the danger of side effects of breast cancer treatment for the heart. Dr. Laxmi Mehta of the Ohio State University Medical Center, said today’s technology allows breast cancer survivors to live longer. But the cause of death is not much different from the general population of women, namely cardiovascular disease. Also Read: Sitting Too Old Increase Cancer Risk in Women, How Can?

"" The longer the survivors of breast cancer are living, the higher the risk of heart disease, especially breast cancer survivors who are over 65 years old, "" Mehta, who collaborated with the American Heart Association, told Reuters. This happens because cancer treatment is known to have side effects on the heart. Chemotherapy for example, can make the heart muscles weaken. Recent treatments such as targeted therapy are known to increase the risk of heart failure. In addition, radiation is also known to cause heart rhythm disturbances, damage to the arteries and also the heart chambers. Even so, Mehta said it does not mean breast cancer patients even miss cancer treatment. This study was conducted to remind the women that when the cancer treatment is complete, they must also check their heart health regularly. "All breast cancer patients, whether those with heart disease or not, should know the risks that arise from treatment of the heart," "he concluded. Dr. Susan Gilchrist, a cardiologist from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, said prevention is a major step for breast cancer patients undergoing treatment not to have heart disease. How, by running a healthy lifestyle even though the treatment process is complete. "" The key message is active and focus on prevention. Staying physically active, avoiding smoking, and maintaining weight are the steps to keep blood pressure and heart health remain normal, "" he said. Also read: Barriers to Cancer Patient Services in Indonesia

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